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Part #2: What Inspires Your Creations

Posted by Harley London on

 What inspires you?

I love wood... sustainability, and the exhilaration of creating something made from nature that's worn and used in the house.  That idea excites me, it makes me jump out of bed, in the morning, ready to begin my day.  I would like to say I created this brand, but the truth is the concept chose me, the excitement of this idea popped in my head one day and hasn't left me since.  I am truly blessed to do what I love.

Why work and create in New Orleans?
I'm a New Orleanian, born and raised Uptown and in Gentilly.  I moved away for a couple of years, but realized there's really no place like home... our music, food and culture makes it one of the most unique places on this planet.  And, I wanted to create in the mist of the magic and vibrancy in this city.  We live, love and gravitate towards our own laissez faire lifestyle, it captivates unsuspecting visitors on a daily basis, and I love it.  

Nola Influences?

Architecture: Acadians and Victorians, rust from wroth iron fences (the small details you only notice, when on a leisurely stroll through the city).  

The smells, of the food, coming from my favorite restaurant, Mardi Gras; things I can't package and get anywhere else in the world.  The random parades that pop up out of nowhere.  The mixture of all the different components that make New Orleans great. It doesn't matter if it's Jazz Fest or the Treme Fest people want a piece of what we have.  It inspires me and others who gravitate to this city on a daily basis.  

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