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Wood Greeting Card - Badass Yella Boy - Harley London

Wood Greeting Card - Badass Yella Boy

"Badass Yella Boy!" This adorable Bad Ass Yella Boy greeting card is inspired by my love for New Orleans bounce music - UNLV's bad ass yellow boy song.  Mail them to out of town relatives (loved ones) and share your passion for what makes NOLA truly unique.   

This beautiful 100% wood greeting card also makes great wall decor (frame it and place on the wall to add a little humor to your day).  This light weight wood postcard is made from 100% Louisiana Cypress and handcrafted in our NOLA workshop.  They make  perfect for wall art, collect these sustainable wood cards and create decor that uniquely reflects your personality. 

  • A kraft envelope is included
  • Write with: A Gel Pin or Fine Point Sharpie
  • Handcrafted in our New Orleans, LA workshop
  • Corporate & Wholesale Options Available
  • New Orleans Traveller Note Cards